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Charcuterie Workshops

Corporate | Private | Pop-Up

Elevate the fun at your next event by hosting a Charcuterie Board making class! From breweries and vineyards to backyards and beaches, there is no party like a charcuterie party! We LOVE teaching others and spreading the charcuterie passion.

Charcuterie workshops are perfect for those who want to bond with friends or colleagues, celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or bridal party, or anyone who shares a love for cheese.


During the workshop, you will learn how to create your own Charcuterie board using a beautiful reusable bamboo board, that you get to keep!

And rest assure, there will be plenty of cheese, salami and all the yummies for you to munch your way through

Here is what is included:

  • Ingredient kit with all the cheese, meats & accompaniments needed to make an individual board

  • A reusable bamboo board for you to keep

  • A disposable box for your board and a bag of crackers

  • Step-by-step instructions led by your host, Ivette

Or join one of our pop-up workshops!

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